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Our Vision

We’re passionate about making the metaverse accessible to everyone. We believe that investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets should be easy, and everyone should have the chance to do it.


That’s why we’ve created Nativ. The first accessible gateway into the metaverse, where you can make money whilst exploring the virtual world.

We’re unique because, unlike other metaverse projects, we have created an environment that mirrors the real world and a unique virtual economy that offers real-world wealth and long-term passive income.


We don’t borrow or use leverage. Our economy grows organically as users interact with it and it is always free of debt.

This means that our economy will be less reliant on the strength of other cryptocurrencies, and bear markets will impact us less.

The team

The Nativ Project team consists of three founding members, bringing together a wealth of experience and expertise in cryptocurrency, investment, business growth, marketing and technology.

The founding team are complimented by seasoned blockchain and crypto specialists and an array of specialist consultants from various sectors. As the project develops, the team will continue to grow for the benefit of all Nativs.

Steven Donlon


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Clare Hughes


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Sushmita Duttagupta


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