The Nativerse will go live and be accessible to Nativs once the NTV token is available for trading

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Contract Address will be revealed closer to the pre-sale launch date to protect Nativs and minimise scam and hacking opportunities

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Welcome to
the Nativerse


A pioneering metaverse ecosystem that combines a virtual Earth environment with a simplified investment platform and thriving economy.


From your hometown to the beaches of Barbados, Nativ offers you the opportunity to own your favourite places and build you crypto portfolio and wealth in the process.

This is a unique metaverse environment that mirrors a real-world setting. It is an economy-driven project where land, real estate and NFTs have real utility and Nativ allows you to generate passive income that you can use in the real world.

Our economy

Create real long-term wealth

Our unique virtual economy is designed to grow organically, helping you to develop your digital asset portfolio and create real long-term wealth.

The journey ahead…

Q3 2023
  • Feasibility & Viability
  • Develop Premium Branding
  • Seing up Legal Entity in the UK
  • Website v1
  • Core Team Foundation
  • Securing Strategic Partners
  • Whitepaper v1
  • Onboard of Investors & Partners
  • Commence Virtual Office Development
  • Formulate Marketing Strategy
  • Website v2
  • Formulating Business Model & Tokenomics
  • Launch Social Media Channels
  • Create Smart Contracts
  • Create Video Trailer
  • Seed Funding
  • Conduct Core Tech Tests
  • Whitelisting Process
  • Progress Marketing Strategy
  • Influencer Involvement
  • Expanding Team
  • Add Multi-Language Support to Website
  • Private & Public Sale Rounds (pre-sale only)
  • Team Expansion
  • First NFT Releases
  • First Round of Land Sales
  • Publish Smart Contract Audit
  • Launch Market Place
  • Stage 2 Marketing Push
  • Tier 1 CEX Listing & Launch
  • Pancake Swap Listing & Launch


Security and transparency are at our core

Which is why we will be designing our smart contracts and Nativerse environment to be fully auditable by a recognised, industry-leading third-party audit firm CertiK.

CertiK audits smart contracts of blockchain projects to ensure they are secure to launch and use. To date, CertiK has provided services to over 1,800 clients, detected over 31,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code, and protected over $310 billion worth of crypto assets.


Unlike other metaverse projects, we have created an environment that mirrors the real world and designed a unique economy that grows organically as more users interact with it. This means there’s a finite amount of land available and real utility behind NFTs, meaning there is a real reason for being here - to create a portfolio of digital assets that boost your real-world wealth.

In the Nativerse, NFTs possess true utility. For example, the Nativ builder NFT will need to be ‘rented’ every time someone wants to develop on their land, and the Nativ airline NFT will provide a mode of transport for Nativs wanting to access different locations. This will generate revenue and profit for the NFT holders, as their utility is used or ‘rented’ by others.

Nativ’s vision is to become truly decentralised. It will have a unique governance system, giving the most engaged users the power to manage the environment moving forward. Over time, our founders will step back from the leadership of Nativ and powers will move to the governing bodies.

Leader board positions, based on user interaction, including digital asset portfolios, exploration achievements, social interactions and transaction levels, as well as the geographical location of land and NFTs, will determine recognition and powers for Nativs in each region of the Nativerse. Read more here

Our Nativ (NTV) token can be used to buy assets within the Nativerse. This can then be easily exchanged into other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, USDT and other popular crypto currencies, as well as traditional currencies including Pound Sterling and US Dollars.

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