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Smartcontract address


Contract Address will be revealed closer to the pre-sale launch date to protect Nativs and minimise scam and hacking opportunities

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User recognition

The leader board system uses several factors to create an algorithm that determines leadership positions.

These factors include:

  • Number of NTV tokens in the Nativ’s wallet
  • Amount, location, and type of land owned
  • Number and rarity of NFTs owned
  • Exploration achievements for visiting Nativerse locations
  • Social accomplishments and social network
  • Transaction volume for buying and selling assets
  • Political contribution
  • Community contribution as identified by developers and project team members

Political system

Our vision is to have a political system that is fully decentralised. That’s why we’re giving you and other Nativs the opportunity to manage and govern this thriving environment.

For the Nativerse to be truly decentralised, the creators of the project will step down once the metaverse has been fully established. This will allow the true Nativs and their executive officers who have earned their place in the Nativerse to decide and shape its future.

Our unique governance system offers only the most engaged users the power to make a difference. Heavy weighting is given to exploration achievements and social accomplishments, meaning governance positions are not solely for those who own a lot of land.


Each country in the Nativerse elects an Executive Officer to represent its region. And major business areas such as transport, energy, education, and banking will also have associated Executives who have overall responsibility for that area. These users shape the future of the Nativerse and make important decisions which will affect every Nativ.

The creators of the project will step down once everything is fully established, making the Nativerse truly decentralised. From this point on, this virtual world and its ecosystem will be in the hands of the Nativs and their Executive Officers.

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